The Moving Parts

When buying a high end TV, I was told a long time ago that you should be prepared to spend at least the same amount as the TV on a sound system to match the quality of the TV. To draw parallels to what Five Fables is trying to achieve, the complementary part of the Furniture buying process, is the Delivery. Getting furniture delivered is notorious for being expensive.

Your ease of purchase should be matched with an easy, no fuss delivery. With that in mind, we’ve gone down the path of a ‘White Glove Delivery’ to Metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

What’s a ‘White Glove Delivery’ you ask? It’s a premium service, where your goods are delivered to your door. If it’s boxed up, it’ll be unboxed for you. All the protective elements your furniture comes padded in, which takes up space in your bins – that gets removed for you. If you’ve bought a piece that requires assembly? Don’t get the toolbox out, the delivery team will put it all together. Does it need to go up a flight of stairs to that special spot in the house? No worries, the team will get it there safe and sound. 

This type of services sounds expensive. Not with Five Fables. For Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Metro locations, the ‘White Glove’ service comes as part of your purchase. The delivery had to match the product and I think that we’ve nailed it with this combination.